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Bladder cancer is a very common type of cancer that affects around 68,000 people in the United States every year. At Tricounty Urology in Uniontown and Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, the team of fellowship-trained urologists offers some of the latest advances for diagnosing and treating bladder cancer. Led by Sunil Rayan, MD, and Mukul Patil, MD, Tricounty Urology specializes in providing compassionate, personalized patient care. To speak with a doctor about your condition, call one of the offices or request an appointment online today.

Bladder Cancer Q & A

What is bladder cancer?

Bladder cancer is a type of urological cancer that affects the bladder — a muscular organ in your lower abdomen that stores urine. Bladder cancer occurs when the cells in your bladder begin to develop abnormally. 

Bladder cancer typically begins in the lining inside your bladder and occurs more frequently in men and older adults. As the cancerous cells continue to grow and mutate, they form tumors. 

What causes bladder cancer?

Although the exact cause of bladder cancer isn’t always clear, there are several factors associated with a higher risk, including:

  • Tobacco use
  • Exposure to chemicals
  • Exposure to radiation

Bladder cancer is also associated with chronic irritation of the bladder. Previous cancer treatment and a family history of cancer can also increase your risk of bladder cancer.    

What are the symptoms of bladder cancer?

Symptoms of bladder cancer include:

  • Pelvic pain
  • Back pain
  • Frequent urination
  • Painful urination
  • Blood in your urine

The symptoms of bladder cancer are similar to many other urological conditions. If you experience symptoms, Tricounty Urology provides accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. When caught during the early stages, bladder cancer is highly treatable. 

How is bladder cancer diagnosed?

There are several tests used to diagnose bladder cancer. Tricounty Urology offers a number of on-site labs and radiology services to diagnose bladder cancer accurately. Testing for your diagnosis may include:

  • Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test
  • Biopsy
  • Cystoscopy
  • Urine cytology
  • MRI
  • CT urogram

Your doctor uses these evaluations to diagnose your condition and determine the severity of the cancer. Depending on your diagnosis, there are a number of effective solutions used to treat cancerous cells and restore the health of your bladder. 

How is bladder cancer treated?

Tricounty Urology specializes in comprehensive bladder cancer treatment. Depending on the details of your condition and personal health, the team may combine a number of traditional and cutting-edge procedures to treat your condition effectively. 

Treatments for bladder cancer may include:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Surgery

After treatment, bladder cancer has the potential to recur. Tricounty Urology provides dedicated surveillance to ensure the successful treatment of your condition. 

If you experience symptoms of bladder cancer, call the Tricounty Urology office nearest you or schedule an appointment online today.