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Around 4-5 million American men suffer from male hypogonadism. This condition, which happens when you don’t make enough testosterone, can cause frustrating and upsetting problems like low libido and erectile dysfunction. At Tricounty Urology in Waynesburg and Uniontown, Pennsylvania, expert urologists Sunil Rayan, MD, and Mukul Patil, MD, offer everything you need for testing, diagnosis, and treatment right on-site. Call the office nearest you or request an appointment online today.

Male Hypogonadism Q & A

What is hypogonadism?

If you have hypogonadism, you don't make sufficient testosterone. Because testosterone plays an important role in male development and maintaining certain biological functions, hypogonadism can cause some impactful problems, like sexual dysfunction. 

What are the symptoms of hypogonadism?

Hypogonadism symptoms vary according to when it develops. You can be born with this condition, or it can develop during puberty or adulthood. It's most common in middle age and senior years. 

Symptoms in adults

In adulthood, hypogonadism can cause symptoms such as: 

  • Poor libido
  • Lack of energy
  • Depressed mood
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Loss of facial and body hair
  • Gynecomastia
  • Osteoporosis, a decrease in bone mass

In the most severe cases of hypogonadism, you might develop some of the same problems that women often have during menopause, including hot flashes and concentration problems. 

How is hypogonadism diagnosed?

Your Tricounty Urology doctor first assesses your symptoms and conducts a physical exam. Usually, you'll begin with a blood test that checks your testosterone levels. 

Depending on whether you have low testosterone, you may also need semen analysis, hormone testing, or imaging tests to verify low testosterone and determine its origin. Tricounty Urology offers on-site testing, as well as comprehensive treatment options.

What is the treatment for hypogonadism?

Tricounty Urology offers a variety of hypogonadism treatment options, including:

Testosterone injections

Testosterone injections deliver the testosterone you need either under your skin or within your muscles. Deep intramuscular injections happen on-site at Tricounty Urology, but you can also choose self-administered skin or muscle injections at home. 

Topical testosterone 

You apply topical testosterone gels or creams directly onto the skin on your arm, shoulder, or thigh. You’ll absorb the product gradually to get the testosterone you need. It’s important to avoid transfer to other parts of your body or other people.

Testosterone pellet implants 

Tricounty Urology implants TESTOPEL® testosterone replacement pellets on-site. The tiny pellets go beneath your skin, usually in the hip area, where they slowly release testosterone for an average of 3-4 months, possibly up to six months. 

Tricounty Urology offers comprehensive treatment options for hypogonadism and can help you choose the one right for you. 

Request your appointment online or by calling the Tricounty Urology office nearest you today.