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If disease, injury, or aging leaves you unable to enjoy normal sexual or urinary function, male prosthetics can change your life by restoring those abilities. At Tricounty Urology in Waynesburg and Uniontown, Pennsylvania, a team of expert urologists offers today’s most progressive high-tech solutions for sexual and urinary dysfunction. Fellowship-trained expert Mukul Patil, MD, and Sunil Rayan, MD, have extensive experience in this area, and they’re ready to offer you optimal results with the fastest recovery possible. Call the office nearest you or request an appointment online today.

Male Prosthetics Q & A

What kinds of male prosthetics restore sexual function?

A penile prosthesis implant is a male prosthetic that can restore your sexual function when you have developed erectile dysfunction due to illness, diseases like Peyronie’s disease, or for any other reason. There are two general penile prosthesis categories. 

Inflatable implants

Inflatable implants have either two or three pieces. This kind of implant has inflatable cylinders housed within your penis. Inflatable implants also include a reservoir that holds fluid. The reservoir may be connected to the cylinders, but it can also be housed separately in your scrotum or abdominal wall. 

You use a tiny pump, which is concealed in your scrotum, to funnel fluid from the reservoir to the cylinders. This creates an erection. To deflate the cylinders by sending the fluid back to the reservoir, you push the release valve, also hidden in your scrotum. 

Malleable implants

A malleable implant is a semirigid implant that’s concealed within your penis shaft. When you want to have sexual activity, you gently push the rods upwards and then return them to their original position afterward. 

The right type of penile prosthesis for you depends on a few different factors, including whether you have damage like scar tissue in your penis, your current health, and your personal preferences. The Tricounty Urology experts can help you choose the option that will give you maximum sexual satisfaction. 

What is post-surgical incontinence?

After prostate surgery or radiation therapy for prostate disease, you could suffer from urinary incontinence due to the urinary sphincter no longer working properly. Your urinary sphincter is the muscle that regulates urine flow. It essentially blocks your urethra when you’re not urinating to prevent dribbling or accidental urination. 

What kind of male prosthetics treat post-surgical incontinence?

Post-surgical urinary incontinence is a very treatable condition thanks to a male prosthetic device called an artificial urinary sphincter. An artificial urinary sphincter includes three components.

Urethral cuff

The urethral cuff surrounds your urethra. When closed, the cuff prevents urine. When open, it allows normal urine flow.


The balloon contains fluid that inflates and deflates the urethral cuff. The balloon connects to the urethral cuff through tiny tubes, and it’s concealed beneath your abdominal muscles. 


The pump is hidden in your scrotum. To urinate, you press the pump to pull fluid from the urethral cuff into the balloon. This leaves the cuff in the open position and allows you to urinate. Then you press the pump to refill the urethral cuff and close your artificial urinary sphincter. 

An artificial urinary sphincter can help you urinate normally again, prevent accidental urination, and avoid dribbling. 

Call the Tricounty Urology office nearest you or request an appointment online to learn how male prosthetics can restore your sexual and urinary function.