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If you have erectile dysfunction that doesn’t respond to treatments or have a chronic condition like Peyronie’s disease, a penile prosthesis implant could be the solution that gives you a full and active sex life again. Mukul Patil, MD, a dedicated urologists at Tricounty Urology in Waynesburg and Uniontown, Pennsylvania, is an early adopter of this treatment. As a result, he is a high-volume implanter with extensive experience in even the most complex types of implantation. Penile prosthesis implants are now so advanced that you can expect fast recovery and great results. Call the office nearest you or request a consultation online today.

Penile Prosthesis Implant Q & A

What is a penile prosthesis implant?

A penile prosthesis implant is a soft device that’s surgically placed in your penis. You can inflate the penile implant to make an erection, even when your body’s not cooperating. A penile prosthesis implant is easy to use and is well-concealed, so it’s not obvious you have one.

How does a penile prosthesis implant work?

Penile prosthesis implant function depends on the type of implant. 

Inflatable penile prosthesis implants

Inflatable penile prosthesis implants include either two or three pieces. These implants have inflatable cylinders inside your penis and a small fluid chamber in your abdominal wall or scrotum. You use a pump, which is hidden in your scrotal skin, to inflate the cylinders and create an erection. Then, you press a release valve, also in your scrotum, to return the fluid to the chamber and end the erection. 

Malleable penile prosthesis implants

Malleable implants are semirigid segmented implants hidden in your penis shaft. To get an erection, you bend the rods upwards, and then you end the erection by bending them downwards.

Each kind of penile prosthesis implant has its own advantages and disadvantages. Tricounty Urology can help you choose the one that’s easiest for you to use.

Who is a candidate for a penile prosthesis implant?

If you have erectile dysfunction and oral pills or injected medications don’t help, a penile prosthesis implant could be the solution for you. Penile prosthesis implants can also help if you suffer from Peyronie’s disease, a condition in which internal scar tissue affects both the elasticity and curvature of your penis. 

What is the recovery like following penile prosthetic surgery?

Recovery is generally quite smooth and straightforward. Most penile prosthetic surgery patients enjoy a fast and easy recovery. Dr. Patil, at Tricounty Urology, is a high-volume implanter with years of experience in all different types of penile prosthetic surgery, even the most complex cases. He is the premier surgeon for this problem and has joined one of the first practices in the area to offer penile prosthetic surgery. This extensive experience means that Tricounty Urology can offer reliable procedures with excellent results. 

A penile implant can help you have a full, healthy sex life again, even with conditions that would otherwise make it impossible. 

Let the Tricounty Urology team tell you how a penile implant can work for you. Call the office nearest you or request an appointment online today.